FMC-ZU1RF-A The FMC-ZU1RF-A is a FMC for RF wireless communications applications based on the AD9371 component from Analog Device Inc (ADI). This FMC is fully hardware and software compatible with the ADRV9371 evaluation board from ADI. The AD9371 component is a highly integrated, wideband RF transceiver offering dual channel transmitters and receivers, integrated synthesizers, and digital signal processing functions. The AD9371 operates from 300 MHz to 6000 MHz, covering most of the licensed and unli- censed cellular bands. The IC supports receiver bandwidths up to 100 MHz. PanaTeQ offers the VPX3-ZU1- SDR-A development system based on the VPX3-ZU1 3U OpenVPX Zynq Ultrascale+ and the FMC-ZU1RF-A for typical Software Defined Radio application.
FMC-DAQQ2P5 FMC-DAQ2P5 is a High Pin Count ( HPC ) FMC module with a single 12 bit ADC @ 2.7 GSPS and dual 16 bit DAC @ 2.8 GSPS. FMC- DAQ2P5 is a JESD204B compliant module. FMC-DAQ2P5 allows for ADC decimation and DAC interpolation. External trigger input allows to add a time stamps to the sample stream from ADC. CLK-IN can be a Sample clock input up to 4GHz, or reference clock input up to 1GHz. The module provides simultaneous working of ADC and DAC on sample rate of 2.1GSPS, using internal VCXO clock. FMC-DAQ2P5 also provides 4 x high speed transceiver lanes routed from the FPGA carrier card to the bezel. 4 differential low-speed lane and 10 single ended IO are also routed to the Molex connector available at the bezel which can be used for any control or data exchange with the FPGA.
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